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Melanoma Tx Tied to Neurologic Disorder

Researchers reported two cases of demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy after treatment with pembrolizumab (Keytruda) for advanced melanoma.

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Dermoscopic Algorithms Lack Reliability for Detecting Melanoma

A new study has shown that algorithms of dermoscopic criteria used to detect melanoma had only modest levels of accuracy and lacked interobserver agreement among a group of regular dermoscopy users. Among six common algorithms examined, none seemed to be easy to learn or reliable.

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New compounds may block melanoma tumor growth

Blocking the activity of an enzyme called acid ceramidase makes human melanoma cells more sensitive to chemotherapeutic agents, according to a new study.1

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Aging impacts therapeutic response of melanoma cells

Cancer risk increases with one’s age as accumulated damage to our cells and chronic inflammation occur over time. Now, an international team of scientists led by The Wistar Institute have shown that aged tumor cells in melanoma behave differently than younger tumor cells, according to study results published in the journal Nature.

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