Melanoma Foundation of New England offers sunscreen dispensers to communities, businesses

Source: Healio, January 2017

The Melanoma Foundation of New England announced that non-profits, private businesses and municipalities can apply for sunscreen dispensers for their communities, according to a press release.

The distribution program, called Practice Safe Skin, will offer a limited number of free dispensers to those that apply via an RFP process hosted on the foundation’s website. The process will run between Jan. 23, 2017, and Feb. 17, 2017. All public and private units will be installed during spring and summer of 2017.

The dispensers hold 1,000 mL bag of SPF-30 sunscreen with an approximate 670 applications per bag. The sunscreen is safe for people ages 6 months and older and is designed with an all-natural blend of 6% zinc and 6% titanium.

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