A New Standard for Stage 3 BRAF+ Melanoma

Source: OncLive, September 2017


Reinhard Dummer, MD: Resected stage 3 metastatic melanoma patients have a very high risk of recurrence, and this risk is most significant in the first years after the resection. So, therefore, we recommend regular imaging in these patients, which includes ultrasound or even PET/CT scans, in order to detect the metastases quite early. Some physicians like to use irradiation therapy after resection, even if the lesions are completely resected. And in the adjuvant setting, there are several medications around. First are interferons. Second is ipilimumab, a checkpoint inhibitor that is well established in metastatic disease. However, we have to state that these treatment options really cause significant adverse events, and for ipilimumab, it’s even reported that we have 1% risk for death. So, we really have to consider this very carefully.

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