The Oncogene FOXQ1 Promotes Some Tumor Types, Suppresses Another

Source: News Wise, September 2017

Newswise — BUFFALO, N.Y. — A treatment that works well for one cancer type can possibly make other cancers grow more quickly. That is the striking implication of new research from a team at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, published in the journal Cell Reports.

The transcription factor FOXQ1 is a known oncogene that has been previously associated with carcinomas, including many types of breast, colorectal, liver and ovarian cancers. Looking to better understand how this protein might be involved in additional cancer types, a team led by Mikhail Nikiforov, PhD, investigated FOXQ1’s role in melanoma, a distinct cancer type that originates from different types of cells than carcinomas.

What they found — that FOXQ1 suppresses the growth of melanoma cells — was quite unexpected.

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