Rule of three may be more effective than rule of two in melanoma testing

Source: Healio, September 2017

Compared with the rule of two for detecting melanoma, the rule of three was more effective in identifying genetic risk factors for the disease in a recent retrospective study.

The analysis included 1,032 patients who underwent genetic testing at two university hospitals in France during 2004 through 2015. The researchers aimed to reconsider the rule of two criteria for general population testing for melanoma, which was based on whether a first- or second-degree relative had a malignancy, or if the patient had two invasive cutaneous melanomas and/or related cancers.

The frequency of mutations in CDKN2A, CDK4 and BAP1 genes, which the researchers defined as high susceptibility, underwent analysis, as did the intermediate susceptibility gene MITF. Other parameters evaluated included histological subtype, age of the patient, dysplastic nevi syndrome and associated cancers on mutation rate. Cases with anamnestic uncertainty also were included.

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